Bilingualism for toddlers, a great asset for life

This website is managed by the association Divskouarn, working for the development of the breton language before school and this within the  marketing campaign : «Bilingualism for toddlers, a great asset for life. In Brittany, all toddlers do not always call a spade, a spade. »

In September 2009, the area council of Finistère and the Regional Council of Brittany, in partnership with Divskouarn, launched the first part of this campaign, through sending a piece of information about early years bilingualism to the future parents and professionals working with toddlers of the area of Finistère. The aim was to increase the families' awareness to the traditional language of the area, the breton language, but also their interest to the transmission of the mother tongues spoken by the inhabitants of Finistère : arabic, portuguese, turkish, wolof, english, berber and so on, as so many assets to help toddlers to blossom.

This year, the campaign has been enriched with a second document translated into breton, arabic, turkish, portuguese and english (it is available on this website) and with this website (this document in english). It contains various pieces of information that will help you to understand better what early bilingualism is and the linguistic diversity in Brittany and in the world.


accueil enfants jouant dans une creche bilingue

Region Bretagne soutient la campagne de bilinguisme     Le Conseil Général du Finistère soutient la campagne de bilinguisme